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Everyone’s favorite Initiator, Breach, is a brute of an agent after receiving a multitude of adjustments from Riot Games. His Fault Line ability can single-handedly clear entire lanes, displacing other Valorant players or leaving them dazed. It can be charged so that it reaches an incredible stretch of the map.

Now, Run It Back shifts the focus of the Breach Fault Line to Bind. Bind is a very straightforward map compared to the others in Valorant’s map pool. There is no Mid to control. It only has an A Site and a B Site, with teleporters that allows players to quickly rotate from one to another. Breach’s Fault Line can be used to take control of the small corridors and rooms found on Bind.

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Fault Line – Bind

A Site – Attack

There are two paths that lead directly to A. The most common approach is through A Main, or what some simply call A Long. Attacking from this location calls for taking control of A Lamps. Typically, a defender will sit outside of A Lamps or inside the area. Charge up the Fault Line and let it run entirely through. This will either daze the opponent(s) there, or send them running. A teammate can easily flash the right side towards A Site. This will make for a strong push if executed correctly.

A Site – Attack

Attackers can also push A Site from A Bath, commonly referred to as Showers. Defenders often stay back on Bind’s A Site rather than aggressively moving into Showers. Still, carefully check the corners before lining up this Fault Line. The Defenders, if they are holding this side of the site, will probably be posted up on the other side of the wall, in the corner behind the glass boxes, or in Heaven. Send the Fault Line quakes along a path that hits those locations. This will create the chance for Breach’s team to move in and plant on A site.

A Site- Attack

This Fault Line placement can be used on defense if the attackers somehow get a flank through spawn. Otherwise, it is best used as an attacking Breach that has taken control of Heaven. Once the spike is planted, some enemies may rotate through Defender Spawn. This will be their attempt at starting an A Site retake. From Heaven, line up the Fault Line. It will erupt down the ramp and trap opponents near the entryway to A Site. They will either end up dazed, push the site too soon, or be forced to retreat into the spawn location.

A Site – Defense

Defending on Bind can be much easier with a Breach to hold down the tight lanes that lead to each site. Once players reach the site, it is much more open, but on their way, it is a claustrophobia inducing space. The steel hallway that leads from the spawn to A Site is where Breach should sit. Wait until the comms come in indicating the attackers are pushing from A Main. Charge up the Fault Line and it will connect with A Lamps and all the way through A Main. The only exception is the small cubby that hugs the teleporter.

A Site – Defense

As mentioned before, the only other way to directly take A Site is through Showers. Breach needs to ensure someone is watching A Main, thus, having his back for this placement. If opposing players are coming through A Bath, they will more than likely take it slow. Eventually, they will let their presence be known. As Breach, quickly take position on the outer wall of Showers. Just down the steps from the teleporter. The Fault Line ability can cover that entire lead up to A Site inside of Showers. This can easily set up a push from some teammates to take out those that are dazed or retreating.

B Site – Attack

The most viable Fault Line placement for attacking B sets it up toward Hookah. There, more than likely, won’t be more than one player holding B Long, so it is best not to waste it there. Let another teammate use a more expendable ability for that push. Going through Hookah, however, is where Breach shines. Line up next to the door back near the fountain. Rotate just a little bit when charging the Fault Line. This will cover Hookah, right outside of Hookah, and the small cubby next to B Site’s open box. Anyone holding Hookah at the door or behind the box inside will be easily taken care of by the pushing teammates.

B Site – Attack

Much like the placement when holding Heaven at A Site, Breach can hold B Elbow with his Fault Line. A defending Breach can delay a flank while an attacking Breach can help prevent a retake. Once B Site is controlled and the spike is planted, move to the back of Elbow. As the enemies start piling in from Defender Spawn, load up the quake. Charge Fault Line and send it. This could easily delay them long enough for the spike to explode. Otherwise, take the risk and jump out after the shockwaves hit to destroy them while they’re dazed.

B Site – Defense

On defense, Breach will normally send his Fault Line to the same locations he does as an attacker. At B Site, just wait until Hookah is taken over by enemies. The majority of the time, those attacking will stick to what is Breach’s right side of Hookah. This is so they can see around the box and out the window into the corner. Load up Fault Line and shake them up. A teammate can jump the box and into the window to engage them or this can be used just to throw them off their game and delay them.

B Site – Defense

The other lane for attackers to try and take B Site is through B Long. This comes from the fountain, past the teleporter, through Garden, and onto the site. B Long is a really compact hallway. They won’t want to give away their position, so the attackers will probably walk this path instead of run. If a teammate is holding that position and sees them coming, Breach can be right there to make them to stun them. On the outside of B Elbow, charge the Fault Line all the way through B Long. Send it and there watch your teammate get the easy kills.

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