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After a long two days of Valorant, Team Envy managed to stay alive after dropping their first series of NA Challengers Finals against Cloud9 Blue. The second day concluded with a tight victory over a very formidable 100 Thieves roster. After Team Envy advanced to the next round and 100 Thieves were sent packing, Run It Back had the chance to speak with Anthony “mummAy” DiPaolo. He was very open about his feelings regarding the victory, the current state of Valorant’s meta, and how vital it is for players to adjust and adapt within the pro scene.

mummAy discusses eliminating 100 Thieves and the importance of versatility

Run It Back: You were either going to play 100 Thieves or Sentinels. How did that feel, knowing an elimination series was on the horizon with this caliber of a match up?

mummAy: It felt good to be honest. Personally, for me and the team, these two match ups are pretty good for us. We would invite this match up for us. We feel confident versus these teams. The teams that give us most trouble are those that throw out these random gimmicks. They’re switching rosters. A lot of fluctuation. It makes us have to adapt and deviate in the moment, which is okay for us, but a lot of things can go wrong if we are having an off day. We had an off day yesterday (Thursday), but we were confident today that we’d bring it. And we did.

Run It Back: How does it feel knowing you succeeded in that high profile match up?

mummAy: It feels great. We want to make it to Iceland. We want to give our fans a good show. We want to prove that we are a top team consistently. It feels good to overcome this. We knew going into this that the top contenders were going to be Sentinels and 100 Thieves. It is good to take them out. Now, we just have to beat Version1, win the Lower Bracket Final, and we are on our way to Iceland.

Run It Back: This question gets brought up to Sentinels a lot. They are extremely versatile, but with the current meta, we are seeing so many different agents played across the maps. You take your turn as Omen, Astra, and at times, Jett. How important is it to be able to adapt to various roles?

mummAy: I think it is very important. As a professional player in Valorant, adaptation is one of the biggest aspects of the game. Being able to say, “Hey, I’m a professional player. I play on a team and I can switch to any role I need to to make this work, based off of where the value lies with agents.” It is our job as professional players to invent the meta, create the meta. We define it. For us, we have to figure out where we can get the most value from these agents.

Being able to just go in the server and figure out that I want to play this agent today or maybe this agent for scrims. Is this going to work versus the people that are playing their comp? I think it is very important to be able to adapt. That is where you will see the most players succeed later down the road. The players that have the best adaptation and the most versatile players are going to be the ones around for a really long time.

Run It Back: What are your thoughts on the current meta in North America and any comments on the meta in other regions if you have been paying attention?

mummAy: The current meta in NA is very Duelist driven. Let’s just have our Duelists shine. Pick one or two and take fights, play post pants with the current meta. It seems all over the place. So many people, as you were saying before, are playing all these different agents. Everyone is trying to figure out where these agents will have consistent value based off of different composition of teams across the board. The major thing to highlight for the meta is the match up. When you’re playing as a team and you have your composition, your team plays a specific way. They have a certain play style. That’s where you need to figure out, are the agents that we are using going to specifically be the best agents against this team we are playing? Every team is running different comps and has their different play styles. You need to be able to adapt and counter to get the most value out of your agents.

It seems now the NA meta is shifting from the heavy Duelist role, the heavy aim battle and over-peeking stuff, to more of a post plant, meticulous meta. It was introduced in EU much earlier than NA. It seems like NA is one step behind in the meta, but I don’t really think there is a set meta right now. The most important thing to take away from watching all of these games, this whole year of Valorant, is being able to adapt and counter. Base that off of different teams. That is the thing to highlight. Different teams have their play styles and you should be able to define a comp based on the teams you are playing. Be prepared to pick and have a strategy outlined for the team you are playing.

Run It Back: Up next for Team Envy is a pretty out of nowhere Version1 squad. Any comments on how you foresee that series going?

mummAy: Version1 is a great team. I respect the players on the team. They are new to the scene. We haven’t seen much of them, but we are confident. We have played them before. We won’t take them lightly, but we are prepared for them. We want to have a great match up versus them. We know we will. We are going in confident into this, so we just want to beat them. Make it out, get a nice Lower Bracket Final, and just hit Iceland.

Run It Back: Lastly, with a chance at Iceland still available, what are some international teams you would want to face if Envy makes it?

mummAy: I would enjoy playing Vision Strikers (before VS was eliminated from contention), of course. They had such an amazing record and start to the game. It is definitely something we are looking forward to. Also, I would want to play Liquid because of ScreaM. Who wouldn’t want to be in a server with ScreaM?

*Questions and answers may have been edited or altered for clarity and fluidity.*

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Brandon is a long time gamer with a passion for writing. Combining the two has been a dream come true. He was Run It Back's official correspondent for First Strike NA and looks forward to covering the North American Valorant scene for a long time.
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