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There is finally a way to check individual player performance in Valorant! Fellow Reddit user abarrach created an app called Spike Stats which does what players have been asking for since the beta.

For a bit of backstory, abarrach is an iOS & Android developer. They started playing Valorant during the summer and instantly loved the game. After coming up with the idea for a stats ranking app, they presented the idea to Riot who loved it and approved the use of their API.

Spike Stats has a Lot of Features

Spike Stats uses the Riot API to give players detailed statistics on individual matches. The app shows matches in all game modes and even includes the names of all players in the match. It also includes any medals earned in-game like “Kills per Round”, “Damage per Round” etc.

Players can even see how many kills they got with each gun and individual round performance. The performance graphs can show either the kills, deaths, assists, K/D ratio, or score throughout the match.

Credit: Spike Stats

Spike Stats is currently only available on Android, although an iOS version is due to release next month. Upon download, players will need to sign in with their Riot account using the official Riot authentication mechanism. More information about the app’s many features can be seen on the official website.

The app has been a hit with the community so far. The Riot API only allows the Spike Stats servers to process 60 matches per minute which were not enough to keep up with the demand. Abarrach had to change the number of matches that a user can see from 20 to 10 to keep up with everything.

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